Ferreira Avelar is born out of a shared dream.

Brothers Manuel and António begin selling the first pairs of shoes, by order only, at the end of the 1940s.


In-house production begins at the Ferreira Avelar workshop.

The hands have always borne the arduous but noble task of building. Following a rudimentary and artisanal process, at this period in time, only the mastery of great artisans could produce a pair of shoes.

Each shoe is a unique piece with magnificently crafted details.


Batch production begins at the Ferreira Avelar factory.

With tradition and technique hand in hand, the era of productivity begins at Ferreira Avelar, with high quality and attention to detail.


Taking a step towards internationalisation, Profession:Bottier is born.

The second generation creates Profession:Bottier to appeal to the French market. The recognition and influence of stylist Jacques Mirault were crucial to conquering this market.

The skilled hand that creates the classics is the skilled hand that creates the contemporary. A savoir-faire that endures the test of time.